Compare Phoenix Retirement Community HOA Fees

Want to Compare Phoenix Retirement Community HOA Fees?

Curious about what HOA fees each Phoenix Retirement Community charges? Well your not alone.  Below is a detailed list by community listing the HOA fees, recreation and other fees like one time transfer fees and asset preservation fees.  You will find community fee information for Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand, Sun City Festival, Arizona Tradition, Corte Bella, Trilogy at Vistanica, CantaMia, Victory at Verrado and other West Valley Retirement Communities.  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please confirm and verify information for yourself. Compare AZ Retirement Community HOA Fees was last updated February 2018.

Compare Phoenix Retirement Community HOA Fees

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Sun City Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Tenant Activity Card - Privilege Card Renter $248.00AnnualBuyer
Tenant Rate$75.00Monthly
Resale Transfer Fee & Recording Fee$310.00One TimeBuyer
Annual Recreation Fee (per lot)$496.00AnnualBuyer
Capital Preservation Fee$3,500.00One TimeBuyer
Dawn Lake Preservation Fee & Transfer Fee$1,330.00One TimeBuyer
Dawn Lake Assessment Fee (pro-rated)$670.00AnnualBuyer
View Point Lake Fee 623-876-3000 (pro-rated)$356.00One TimeBuyer
Homeowner Disclosure Fee$200.00One TimeSeller

Sun City West Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Resale Transfer Fee (per each resale)$250.00One TimeBuyer
Annual Recreation Fee (per person on title)$445.00AnnualBuyer
Asset Preservation Fee$3,500.00One TimeBuyer
Disclosure Packet Fee$125.00One TimeSeller
Tenant Activity Card (1 to 6 months)$75.00Per MonthTenant
Tenant Activity Card (7 to 12 months)$445.00AnnualTenant
Guest Card (per person)$3.50DailyBuyer
PORA (Property Owners & Residents Association) Voluntary$20.00AnnualBuyer

Sun City Grand Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Resale Transfer Fee (one time)$100.00One TimeBuyer
Tenant Card$200.00Annual Buyer
Resale Disclosure Fee$130.00One TimeSeller
Architectural Review Fee$170.00One TimeBuyer
C.A.R.E Fee (Community Enhancement)$1,370.00One TimeBuyer
Homeowner's Annual Assessment$1,370.00AnnualBuyer
$230 fee charged by SCG if contract falls out after HOA has started things.

Westbrook Village Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Resale Disclosure Fee$350.00One TimeSeller
Recreation Fee$620.00AnnualBuyer
Capital Preservation Fee$3150.00One TimeBuyer
Resale Transfer Fee$110.00One TimeBuyer

Arizona Traditions Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Disclosure Fee Fee$245.00One TimeSeller
HOA Transfer Fee$155.00One TimeBuyer
Home Owner Dues$143.00MonthlyBuyer
CARE Fee$1,716.00
One TimeBuyer

Sun City Festival Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
HOA Transfer$125.00One TimeBuyer
Reserve Cont. Fee$798.00AnnualBuyer
HOA Fee (Cable Assessment NOT Charged)$399.00QuarterlyBuyer
Resale Disclosure Fee$275.00One TimeSeller
Community Enhancement.0025Of selling priceBuyer

Ventana Lakes Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Preservation and Document Fee$2,400.00One TimeBuyer
HOA Fee-Single Family Homes$325.00QuarterlyBuyer
HOA Fee- Townhomes$585.00QuarterlyBuyer

Sun Village Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Resale Disclosure Fee (community Assoc.)$400.00One TimeBuyer
Zuni Community Fees$242.00MonthlyBuyer
Pueblo Community Fees$215.00MonthlyBuyer
Comanche 1 Community Fees$213.00MonthlyBuyer
Pima, Hope, Kiowa, Shawnee, Comanche 2 Community Fees$152.00MonthlyBuyer
Single Family Preservation Fee$1,750.00One TimeBuyer
Condo Preservation Fee$1,000.00One TimeBuyer
Disclosure Condo Fee$200.00One TimeSeller

Trilogy at Vistancia Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Capital Improvement Fee$2,134.12One TimeBuyer
Basic HOA$759.00QuarterlyBuyer
Resale Transfer Fee$400.00One TimeSeller

Corte Bella Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Reserve Fund$896.00One TimeBuyer
Resale Disclosure Fee$245.00QuarterlySeller
Transfer Fee$155.00One TimeBuyer
Home owners Assoc.$448.00QuarterlyBuyer

PebbleCreek Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
HOA Fee$1,155.00Semi AnnuallyBuyer
Transfer plus Architectural Landscape Fee of $50$300.00One TimeBuyer
Disclosure Fee$50.00One TimeSeller

Sundance Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Active Adult Community Fee$272.00QuarterlyBuyer
Master Community Fee$8.00QuarterlyBuyer

CantaMia Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Capital Improvement Fee
(Monthly HOA Rec Fee times 6)
$1379.40One TimeBuyer
HOA/Rec Fee$229.90MonthlyBuyer
Transfer Fee$100One TimeBuyer
Disclosure Fee$400.00One TimeSeller

Victory at Verrado Fees

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Community Enhancement Fee (.05% of Sale Price).05% Plus $400One TimeBuyer
Reserve Fund$222.00One TimeBuyer
HOA/ Rec Fee$200.00MonthlyBuyer
Disclosure Fee$75.00One TimeSeller
Resale Transfer Fee$400One TimeBuyer

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