Handy Seller Transfer List helps in a smooth transition

The last few weeks before your house closes is usually a very busy time with packing and getting ready to move.  Often things are forgotten until the last minute like transferring utilities or not thought of at all like giving the buyer the garage key pad code.   I like to provide my sellers with a Seller House Transfer Check List about a week before closing to ensure a smooth transition between buyer and seller.  Each house is unique so please include anything else you think is important.

Seller House Transfer Check List

1.   All keys (door, watering system, gate, mail box, etc.), garage door remote and house manuals & receipts left in a top kitchen drawer.
2.   Write down and leave for the buyer a list of security codes (i.e. house alarm or garage door key pad).
3.   Write down and leave for the buyer the mail box number and mail box keys.
4.   All attached items and appliances need to remain in the house except exclusions from MLS.
5.   It’s traditional to leave the oven broiling pan if the prior seller left it for you.
6.   Kitchen sink stopper and strainer should stay.
7.   Pool accessories & cleaning equipment should stay.
8.   Arrange for utilities to be transferred 5 to 7 days before closing.  The transfer date in the closing date (do not turn off utilities unless previously arranged with your REALTOR).
9.   Cancel home services like landscapers, pest control, pool services, etc.
10.  Arrange of your mail to be transferred to your new address.

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