New Daily Heat Record set in Phoenix Monday

New Daily Heat Record set in Phoenix Monday

Phoenix is dealing with record high temperatures on Monday, as an excessive heat warning is in effect until July 25. According to the National Weather Service, Sky Harbor Airport reached 115 degrees, breaking the old record of 114 degrees set back in 2014. Parts of the valley are expected to reach up to 117 degrees Tuesday.  Riding around showing clients retirement communities in this excessive heat is best done in the morning as the lows are expected to be in the 90’s. I bring plenty of bottled water, for both me and my clients, and try to keep everyone inside under the air conditioning as much as possible. These hot days a best for visiting the new model homes and checking out the retirement community recreation centers.  I try to limit home showings to no more than 4 or 5 in the mornings if possible. Dress in light colors and loose-fitting clothing. Sunscreen, a white shirt coverup, and a hat are a must.

Monday my car showed temperatures at 117 degrees in Goodyear. We are expecting more daily heat records for the Phoenix area this week.

Heat record set in Phoenix
Heat record set in Phoenix Monday. Summers are sizzling hot in Phoenix during Monsoon Season. Lucky for us it’s just for a few months.

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