Questions About Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand entrance

Do you have questions about Sun City Grand?

Below are commonly asked buyer and seller questions about The Grand, formally Sun City Grand. This is an ongoing question-and-answer list as my clients explore or live in this beautiful Del Webb/Pulte retirement community.

  1. What are the age restrictions? One person on the title must be 45 years old or older to live in Sun City Grand. The same goes for a rental. You can, however, buy in the community at any age. You just can’t live there if one person in the household isn’t 45. No one under the age of 19 may live in the community.
  2. What are the amenities? The main amenities are four- 18 hole golf courses, 2 fitness centers, 2 resort-style pools, 2 outdoor lap pools, and 1 indoor pool. Plus, there are many more amenities.
  3. How many golf courses are in the community? 4 is the answer. However, you have a total of 14 golf courses you can play using your golf cart, as Sun City West has 9 courses and Corte Bella has 1. Note 2 are private courses in Sun City West, so you must join. The others are open to the public.
  4. How many homes are there? There are 9,550 single-family homes with 252 condos. The population is around 16,000.
  5. Where do most of the residents come from? Believe it or not, most buyers come from Arizona. Easy explanation: many residents upsize or downsize and want different house features. For example, they bought a home too small or too big, one with or without a pool or on or off the golf course, and they changed their mind. The answer is Arizona 43%, followed by Washington State at 7%. Homebuyers come from all the states in the US and occasionally from other countries.
  6. Why did Sun Grand change its name to “The Grand? The community wanted to separate itself from the other del Webb communities with a fresh new image. They rebranded in 2023, around the time they were to open their new restaurant called “The Falls.” Unfortunately, a pizza oven fire closed the restaurant. They hope to have it open soon.
  7. What are the HOA fees?

    Sun City Grand Fees (HOA 623-546-7474)

    FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
    Resale Transfer Fee (one time)$100One TimeBuyer
    Resale Disclosure Fee$130One TimeSeller
    Architectural Review Fee$170One TimeBuyer
    C.A.R.E Fee (Community Enhancement)$5,000One TimeBuyer
    Homeowner's Annual Assessment$1,795AnnualBuyer
    $230 fee charged by SCG if contract falls out after HOA has started things.