Sun City West Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

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What are the Sun City West Covenants Conditions & Restrictions?

Wondering what the Sun City West homeowner rules are?  They are called covenants, conditions, and restrictions and it’s often abbreviated as CC&Rs. Are you also wondering if Sun City West is in an HOA? The answer is no, but there are exceptions. If you are a bit confused, you are not alone, so let’s explore the answers together.

Here are highlights of some of the important CC&Rs that property owners agree to follow.

  • One member of the household must be at least 55 years of age and no one under the age of 19 may reside in SCW.  Visiting children may stay a maximum of 90 days in one year.
  • No motor home, boat, RV, trailer, bus or commercial vehicle may be parked at a residence for more than a total of 72 hours in any one month, and may not be used as living quarters at any time. (Note: a secured storage area is available)
  • Shrubs, trees, grass, and plantings must be kept neatly trimmed, free of trash, weeds, and other unsightly materials at all times.
  • Golf course properties may have “view fencing” but nothing that blocks a neighbors view.
  • All properties must be kept in good repair and adequately painted.  Carports and garages must be kept in a tidy manner if visible from the street.
  • Only generally recognized household pets are permitted.  Maricopa County leash laws apply. NOTE: There are Dog Parks. One each for the big and small dogs.
  • Residential properties may not be used to conduct business.
  • No storage buildings, sheds, or other structures may be erected.

The above items represent only key Sun City West CC&Rs

Sun City West Covenants Conditions and Restrictions
Sun City West Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

Is Sun City West in an HOA?

No, is the answer with exceptions. It’s a bit confusing and I get lots of calls on this subject. There area bout 30 HOA’s in Sun City West.  Condos, duplexes, and patio homes make up the majority of HOA’s in the community. Residents pay the yearly recreation fee and whatever their association charges for monthly fees. Some examples are roof, painting, water, exterior landscaping. A few single-family homes are in an HOA which covers front yard landscaping with grass.

Each HOA has its own set of CC&R’s in addition to PORA’s. If you are wondering who enforces the rules as there technically is no HOA, it’s PORA. They enforce the rules throughout the entire community. You also might be interested to know that when you are in the process of purchasing, your Realtor can request PORA to make sure the exterior of the home complies with the community rules.

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