Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Sun City West

Sun City West

Why retire in Sun City West?

Affordable real estate is one of the top reasons retirees choose Sun City

Del Webb’s Sun City West is one of the largest, most affordable, and popular 55+ Retirement Communities making it a top choice for retirees.  Let’s explore the top 5 reasons to retire and live in Sun City West. They are in no particular order.

Sun City West Amenities
Top 5 reasons to retire in Sun City West

1. Sun City West Real Estate is very Affordable:

There are 16,900 homes in Sun City West built between 1978 and 1996, with over 120 floor plans to choose from. You have 4 types of home choices (living options) single-family homes, patio homes, garden apartments, and duplexes. Sun City West real estate is very affordable.  Prices range from $70,000 to over $700,000 for prime location, very customized homes. The majority of homes for sale in Sun City West (about 75%) are priced under $400,000.

Golf course homes are considered highly desirable by many buyers. With 9 golf courses, yes 9, there are lots of opportunities to find the perfect Sun City West golf course home.  Single-family golf course homes start at about $230,000. You can find apartment homes on the golf course for less. Whether you are a full-time resident or a snowbird here for only the winter months, there’s a home and a floor plan that will fit your budget, home search criteria, and lifestyle.

Arial view of sun city west homes and golf course.
Sun City West real estate is very affordable

2. Low cost of living:

About two-thirds of the homes in Sun City West are located in a low property tax area. You might be wondering why? These homes were the first ones built in the community, and paying no school tax was grandfathered in for those homes. It effectively cuts your property taxes in half compared to homes that pay the school tax. As a result, residents benefit from one of the lowest property taxes in the nation. You can expect to pay about $1,050 per year on a home that is valued at $200,000. If you are interested in only the low-tax area, your Realtor should be able to help you eliminate the taxed area in your home search.

Another low cost of living perk is the low sales tax. The community is built around a town center spiraling outwards from the center in a circle. You will find retail shops and grocery stores within the town center. They offer a low local sales tax, currently at 6.30%. There is no tax on food.  Sun City West also offers the second-lowest Recreation Card Fees per person on the title. Of the area’s retirement communities, only Sun City is lower.

3. Resort Style Amenities:

Sun City West offers more than $125 million worth of amenities that includes 4 recreation centers, 9 golf courses, nine restaurants, a state-of-the-art 30-lane bowling center, a 40,000-volume private library, a retail arts and crafts store, and a private country club called Briarwood. The 4 beautiful recreation centers cater to your physical, social, and creative needs. Between them, these recreation centers offer 6 swimming pools, 27 tennis courts, 15 pickleball, racquet/handball courts, 14 bocce courts, 30 bowling lanes, miniature golf, outdoor and indoor walking tracks, 32 lawn bowling rinks, and 1 softball court. There are 2 dog parks, one for the small dogs and one for the large dogs.

Crowd watching pickleball in Sun City West
Pickleball is extremely popular in Sun City West, as well as, all the phoenix area retirement communities.

4. Numerous Clubs and Activities:

There are more than 100 chartered clubs in Sun City West. The clubs include arts & crafts, dance, health &fitness, hobbies & travel, music & performance, sports and social. There really is a club for everyone, like the Boomers club, the woodshop, Jewelry making, classic cars, bridge, square dancing, yoga, golf, and tennis, to name a few. Due to the size of the community, only second to Sun City, Sun City West has an abundance of clubs and activities.  And if you are wondering if you can use the clubs and amenities in Sun City West if you own a home in another Del Webb community, the answer is no.  You can go to anything that is open to the public, like restaurants, shops, and none private golf courses.

5. Convenient location:

Sun City West is about 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix and about 45 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The Arrowhead Mall is about 20 minutes away. There are plenty of shopping and restaurant options surrounding the community. Sun City West is close to Spring Training and the beautiful White Tank Mountains.  Medical and assisted living facilities are conveniently located within the community. Del Webb’s state-of-the-art Hospital, along with doctors’ offices and rehab centers, is close to the town center. Assisted living and hospice-style care are also available within the community. Many residents choose to move to an assisted living facility in Sun City West when they can no longer care for a house. They keep full access to the recreation centers, amenities, and clubs, but most importantly, they are still in the community to socialize with friends.

In Conclusion:

Sun City West is a great place to retire. If I have piqued your interest, it’s worth a visit to see if it’s right for you.  They offer a VIP program that allows potential residents an opportunity to experience all the community has to offer. If you are interested, check with your Realtor. It’s a wonderful way to try before you buy.  You will need to find your own place to stay.  Renting during season is also an option.  If you are considering Sun City West, you may also like the West Valley’s other Del Webb communities. They include Sun City Grand, which is newer or Sun City, with even more affordable with older homes.  There is also the newest Del Webb Retirement Community called Sun City Festival, where they are still building new homes.

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