Types of Homes and Costs in Sun City West

types of homes and costs in Sun City West

Types of Homes and Costs in Sun City West

Sun City West the Affordable Active Adult Retirement Community!

Wondering what types of homes there are and what the cost of living is in Sun City West? Well, you’re not alone so let us explore the answers. There are approximately 90 different elevations and 120 floor plans in the community. The majority of the homes are two bedrooms, two baths with 2 car garages. Whether you are here full time or only for the winter months, there’s a home that will suit your needs in terms of size, design, location, and price range.  We’ll first look at the types of homes you can choose from and then buying fees, property taxes, and typical cost of living expenses in Sun City West.

What type of Homes will you find in Sun City West?

Sun City West Garden apartments

Sun City West Garden apartments

There are three primary living options available in Sun City West:

  1. Single Family Dwellings: These homes make up the majority of Sun City West homes and are from 920-Sq.ft. to about 3,500-sq.ft. They typically have 2-3 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, 1-3 car garages, varying lot sizes, and some golf course lots. There are a few single-family homes in neighborhood Homeowners Associations that handle landscaping and other services for a monthly fee.
  2. Duplexes, Patio homes & Garden Apartments: Are mostly side-by-side units, each individually owned and from 1,200 to more than 2,000-sq.ft; Garden Apartments are several units attached in a row that range from 700 to 1,400-sq. Patio homes part of the Casita series are not attached homes. All of these options have HOA’s.
  3. Additional Options: Grandview Terrace offers luxurious condos in a six-story building complete with fine dining, indoor pool, walking track, craft, activities, and clubrooms. The Madison and Heritage Traditions offer deluxe rental apartments in similar settings. There is often housekeeping, meals, and 24-hour staff available.  Residents receive membership to Sun City West with full access to the community’s recreation and social amenities

What are the buying fees?

Sun City West Fees (HOA 623-544-6100)

FeeAmountOccurrenceWho Pays
Resale Transfer Fee (per each resale)$275One TimeBuyer
Annual Recreation Fee (per person on title)$540AnnualBuyer
Asset Preservation Fee$5,000One TimeBuyer
Disclosure Packet Fee$125One TimeSeller
Tenant Activity Card (1 to 6 months, per person)$45Per MonthTenant
Tenant Activity Card (7 to 12 months, per person)$540AnnualTenant
PORA (Property Owners & Residents Association) Voluntary$20AnnualBuyer

All property owners pay for annual membership in the Recreation Center Association.  This includes access to all the recreation center facilities. Golf and bowling fees are paid when participating in the activity. Keep in mind, many people refer to annual membership as an HOA fee but it is not.  The majority of homes in Sun City West are not in an HOA. There are, however about 40 HOA’s which includes condo’s, duplexes, apartment latest, patio homes, and a few single-family homes.

The biggest cost of buying a home in the community is the asset preservation fee. It is assessed on all first-time homebuyers in Sun City West. The funds are used to fund capital improvements and maintenance of the recreation centers and other community-owned facilities.  Currently, the fee is $3,500. Most Phoenix retirement communities have something similar. Just think of it as a buy-in fee to keep the community updated. There is also a $400 resale transfer fee. Yearly recreation fees are currently $480 per person on the title.

What are the property taxes?

Patio Homes Sun City West Types of homes and costs in Sun City West

Patio Homes Sun City West

Sun City West and Sun City property taxes are extremely low compared to the other Phoenix area retirement communities.  They are the only 2 communities grandfathered in with no school taxes to pay as they are not in a school district.  Why you might ask? Well, they were the first 2 retirement communities built by Del Webb.  The location was in the West Valley of Phoenix and at the time in the middle of nowhere.  Low property taxes were an incentive to buy and remain so today. No school tax applies to all of Sun City and two-thirds of Sun City West. Typical property taxes on a $395,000 home are below $1,500.00.

What are the typical cost of living expenses?

So you are considering buying a home in Sun City West and are wondering what you expect to pay in living expenses? Let’s look at that. Based on 1,600 sq.ft.home in the low tax area (double the property taxes for paying school tax), estimated monthly expenses would be in the mid $600’s. This is assuming modest utilities. For example, a low maintenance yard & AC kept at 79 degrees.  Be sure to add for house and yard maintenance and repair or anything else that’s important to you.

Estimated Monthly Cost of Living

Recreation Center
Membership Fees
Property Tax$65
Water and Sewer$70
Trash Collection$20
Pest Control$35
Basic Cable TV$85
High Speed Internet$80

Sales tax in Sun City West is one of the lowest in the state with a 6.3% sales tax. There is no sales tax on food.

I hope I’ve answered most of your questions about types of homes in Sun City West and what cost of living expenses you can expect. Another popular topic is CC&R’s which are the community rules. If you want to know more, you might like this article:

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